Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

Best Things To Do In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Best Things To Do In Jackson Hole, WyomingEvery town is unique and has something different to offer those who live there or just visit. Whether it’s by the ocean, in the middle of a desert, or near a mountain range, each individual town has its own personality. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is no different. Here is a list, in no particular order, of 12 things that you cannot miss while in Jackson Hole.

12. Observe the natural beauty all around.

Located at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountain range in the northern part of the United States, the town is in an absolutely picturesque location for natural beauty. The town itself is located in what looks like a bowl, and the snow-capped mountains rise up from all around. Not only that, but the woods are filled with beautiful trees and wildlife that you can catch glimpses of. In the warmer months, you can view the beautiful flowers that grow there. No matter what part of the year you are there though, there is something beautiful to be seen.

11. Eat at some of the local restaurants.

In addition to mainstream fast food places and restaurants, Jackson Hole features specialty restaurants that give you a taste of the local food. There are cafes, bistros, a Thai restaurant, taverns, and so on. Some of them that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on are The Mangy Moose, Thai Me Up, and Nani’s Genuine Pasta House.

10. Make friends with the locals
The people in Jackson Hole are remarkably friendly. There are also many interesting people. Only in the mountains do you find people who choose to live, well, in the mountains away from society for months at a time. They then return with fresh game or things they have whittled or carved to pass the time that they then sell.

9. Take the trail ride at Bridger Teton National Forest

There is so much to see in the forests that you can only see by getting up close and personal with it. Take an ATV or jeep ride with a local guide who can show you what exactly it is about Jackson Hole that makes it special.

8. Go skiing

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has acres and acres of land perfectly suited for skiing, and with reasonable prices. Skiing is a lot of fun, as long as you are safe.

7. Take a scenic raft ride on the Snake River

There are many different businesses who offer raft rides for the beautiful Snake River. The river itself is beautiful, and the ride offers spectacular views of the mountains as well as the wildlife. Sightings of moose and bears is very possible, and always exciting.

6. Go to the Astoria Fine Art Gallery

Not only does this gallery offer pictures of the beautiful scenery of Jackson Hole itself, the Grand Tetons, and the nearby Yellowstone National Park, it also features work straight from the artists’ mind. You will not regret checking out the fine art while you are in Jackson Hole.

5. Visit the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum

This museum offers artwork and exhibitions of the history of Jackson Hole. You can look into the town’s past by visiting this museum and get a feel of the tradition and culture that is still present today.

4. Go dancing!

Country and western dancing is very popular in Jackson Hole, but that’s not the only type of dancing you can do while in town. This link is a very good compilation of which nights and venues are the best to attend. Nights in Jackson are just as exciting as the days.

3. Take a dog sled ride

The Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours is definitely a highly recommended company to use for taking a dog sled ride. This is something that is fun for anyone, but kids especially love it.

2. Take the Aerial Tram Ride

Not only does this ride offer a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons, but you can also see Jackson Hole and the reason why it’s named so. From an aerial view, you can see how the town is situated in a crater. At the summit of the ride, you can get out and walk around and see the views from all different perspectives.

1. Take a visit to the nearby Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, with Old Faithful as one of the most popular of its many features, is only a two hour drive away from Jackson Hole. It’s definitely worth the ride with all of the beautiful landscape that you will see on the way.