Sunday, 15 Dec 2019

12 Must-Visit Travel Destinations in Germany

Since Germany’s reunification, the country has become one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. After all, who can resist Germany’s breathtaking natural wonders, rich history, and impressive culture, right? The metropolitan areas are the best places to experience German art. The Mosel Valley and the Bavarian Alps are for people seeking outdoor recreational activities. Berlin, meanwhile, is known for its galleries and museums. These are just some of the popular attractions in the country, and there are more that you need to explore. Check the list below.

12. Cologne Cathedral

This is also known as Kolner Dom – the cathedral of St. Peter and Mary. This amazing feat of architecture is one of the largest across Europe and it was created in 1248. Both its façade and interiors are imposing. Its 6,166 square meters of space is decorated with 56 giant pillars. The altar is decorated with an artwork called the Reliquary of the Three Kings, which was created by Nicholas of Verdun.

11. Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate was modeled after Athens’ Acropolis. This man-made wonder was made to honor King Frederick William II who reigned in 1791. The Brandenburg Gate is 26 meters high. On top of the bridge is a four-horse chariot that is carved in meticulous detail. It has four passages, four of which are used for regular traffic. The passage in the center is for the royal carriages.

10. The Black Forest

Don’t be fooled by its name. Despite its sinister vibe, the Black Forest is actually a pleasant and picturesque place. The place is made up of hills with dense greenery. The Black Forest was called as such because the trees growing there have a darker bark. Aside from taking pictures, tourists can also take a 160 kilometer hike in Pforzheim. There is also a ski area in the Todhau region.

9. Neuschwanstein

Even from afar, one can already sense the magical vibe of the Neuschwanstein. Because of its vibrant design, it seems like it was pulled out of a Walt Disney fairy tale cartoon. This was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria from 1869 – 1886. The castle’s multiple towers and pleasant colors became the inspiration of the Walt Disney theme park castles around the globe.

8. Miniatur Wunderland

Located in the Port of Hamburg is the majestic Miniatur Wunderland. Known as the largest railway in the world, it features a track that is 12,000 meters long and a giant scale model that incorporates more than 800 trains, 300,000 dazzling lights, and 200,000 human figurines.

7. The Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley Waterway is 1,320 kilometers long and it spans Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. The best place to experience the beauty of this river is in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. In this area, you will get to see around 40 castles and almost 60 medieval towns. You can explore all these by taking the river cruise.

6. Museum Island

This is another popular attraction found in Berlin. The museum is built in the middle of River Spree and the Kupfergraben canal. In the middle of the district is the Old Museum, which was built in 1830 to showcase different royal treasures. Other tourist spots include the Bode Museum which houses antiquities and the Pergamon, which is known for its detailed replicas of ancient Middle Eastern buildings.

5. Zugspitze Massif

This tourist destination is located in the middle of steep valleys. Its eastern summit measures 2,962 meters. The peak is marked by a cross called the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. Tourists can reach the top by taking a cable car. On top of the mountain, one can also find a restaurant that not only offers exquisite dishes, but also splendid panoramic views of the mountains.

4. The Island of Rugen

Rugen is part of the German Baltic Islands which is separated from the mainland. Rugen’s beauty was derived from its various landscapes such as the dense forests, farmlands, and sandy shores. When visiting the island, make sure that you stop by the Jasmund Peninsula and Putbus, which is an old resort town.

3. King’s Lake

Tourists visit the King’s Lake to walk down the footpath in Painters’ Corner. There, you can find stunning views of the lake and mountains. You can also take a boat trip to the Pilgrimage Chapel in the south.

2. Insel Mainau

This flower island is located in Lake Constance and covers around 110 acres of land. You can reach the island by boat or just walk on the pedestrian bridge that connects to the mainland.

1. Sanssouci Park and Palace

The park features an elegant Baroque flower garden, around 3,000 lush fruit trees, and greenhouses. Aside from the dense flora, you can also check out the Picture Gallery featuring detailed works of art from the Chinese House and the Roman Baths Complex.

Hope you have a good time when you visit Germany!