Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Top 12 Must See Places to Travel Before You Die

Your travel bucket list is not complete without these places. The beauty, history and adventure that await are irresistible! You’ve got the rest of your life to save up some money and check each of these places off your list. Hope this gives you inspiration to plan your next trip.

12. Coron, Palawan (Philippines)

The Philippines is known for its richness in beautiful beaches and pristine bodies of water. Coron, Palawan is simply one of the best it has to offer. Aside from its beaches, you can also explore its breathtaking lakes, lagoons and islands. This is perfect for adventure seekers and beach lovers. The country side feel is perfect for total relaxation.

11. Stonehenge (United Kingdom)

This is the kind of place that you have to go to because of its marvelous historical background. It just has so much story to tell about the ancient life, human beings, and the earth. To see a prehistoric monument with your own eyes is just a rare encounter that you should not miss.

10. Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)

This is another beauty that boasts of timelessness and abounding history. It is the oldest pyramid in Giza with over thousands of years of existence and yet it is still largely intact. Not only tourists, but all people will surely enjoy just standing in the presence of something so great.

9. Eiffel Tower (France)

Paris is a city of passion, fashion and dreams. The Eiffel Tower highlights the brightness of this place. Fall in love with the beauty of the tower that is witness to a lot of stories throughout time. Also enjoy the delicious Parisian cuisine, the streets and the scenery that make you fall in love, the hospitable people, and the music and other forms of art that are within reach from the Eiffel Tower.

8. Great Wall of China

Seeing the spectacular view of the terrain while walking on pavement that is over two thousand years old is more than enough for a great travel experience. Summer tours are more enjoyable as you can visit more parts of the wall. To appreciate the view better, it is advised to do an advanced search and identify which parts you would want to visit. You can choose from crowded Badaling, beautiful views of Mutianyu, challenging trek at Jinshanling or exotic HuanghuaCheng or Jiankou.

7. Shipwreck Cove Zakynthos

This site has become more popular after the Korean Drama “Descendants of the Sun” featured its beauty. However, beyond the beautiful beach and the stunning shipwreck, this tourist spot boasts of its pristine waters and calming atmosphere. You can also enjoy the breathtaking view of the island as you travel by boat to the shore. It’s a one-of-a-kind beach experience!

6. Taj Mahal (India)

Architecture enthusiasts are the first to fall in love with this place in Agra, India. The grand Mughal structure is a product of another historical group of people with a very interesting story. Art lovers will also enjoy the stunning gardens, elaborately designed buildings, stone carvings and of course the famous pool at the front. Visit here and discover thousands of years of art, culture, and tradition made by people of different race and nationality.

5. The Colosseum (Italy)

Visiting this spot is like going back in time. The intricately designed building along with the ruins reflect such a huge part of world history. Enjoy the scenic view, the interesting stories shared by the tour guides, and just be plain amazed by the feeling of being there. This is one of the must-see places when you visit Rome.

4. Machu Picchu (Peru)

This is yet another beautiful place of rich history. This amazing place is jam-packed during July or August. November and April are the best months to visit. Enjoy walking on cool crisp air and explore hundreds of years of architecture and archeological artifacts.

3. Everest Base Camp (Nepal)

The peak of the famous Mt. Everest is surely the most sought-after adventure for expert mountaineers. However, not everyone can go there. Luckily, the Everest Base Camp is for everyone. Get a grasp of what it feels like to be at the tallest mountain in the world and enjoy a pretty much manageable trek, the scenic view, the cool breeze, plus the rich culture of Kathmandu!

2. The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

This adventure-packed tourist spot is the largest coral reef system. Here, you will see just how diverse life is underwater. Enjoy swimming with countless fishes of different colors and species, dolphins and sharks. You can also see over 600 types of corals in this 2,300km-long ecosystem of reefs and islands.

1. The Louvre (France)

Paris, being the city of love, cannot be complete without the Louvre. It is the world’s largest museum housing over a million of artworks and artifacts. Visit here and enjoy being in the world’s most important museum. Discover countless things about art, history, humanity, passion, war, peace, and a whole lot more.