Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

Top 12 Airport Travel Tips

People travel for various reasons. Business, employment, studies, and vacation are some of the many reasons why people travel. For those taking the airplane, below are the top 12 airport travel tips to keep in mind to ensure that no problem will be encountered upon setting foot at the airport. These travel tips apply specially to people who will be traveling by airplane for the first time. These are also applicable both for domestic and international flights.

12. Keep calm…

It is natural, especially for a first-timer to be excited in his or her first flight. By keeping calm, a traveler can go through all the airport security procedures smoothly and without any problem.

11. Label all medicines

If a traveler plans to include medicines whether in the check-in or in the hand-carried baggage, they should be properly labeled. Likewise, it is important to remember that airport authorities are strict when it comes to drugs. Therefore, it is necessary that prescriptions for those medicines are available. A traveler must also be aware that drug trafficking is an offense that is punishable by death in some countries.

10. Deadly weapons are not allowed

No airline company or any airport in the world allows carrying of deadly weapons in an airplane. A small kitchen or bread knife, or any pointed object is considered a weapon of threat to airline security. Therefore, a traveler is advised to refrain from carrying these things to avoid being “on hold” and interrogated by airport authorities.

9. Prepare for the metal detector

One common feature of airport security is the metal detector stand. A traveler should be prepared to take-off shoes, belt, coins, rings, watch, and other metal objects in his or her possession before passing through the detector. Airport authorities will not allow anyone to pass through for as long as the detector produces a beeping sound.

8. Prepare for physical inspection of hand-carried baggage

Not all airport authorities require airline passengers to open their hand-carried baggage. However, a traveler must be prepared should the authorities require this as part of their security procedure. Therefore, it is advisable that only important things are in the hand-carried baggage to avoid the burden of taking out so many things for inspection.

7. Leave the house early

Leaving the house early on the day of the flight will lessen a traveler’s worry of being late for the flight. Unexpected traffic situations may delay the traveler should he leave the house a little bit late. Different airports have different check-in and security procedures. Arriving at the airport earlier will allow a traveler to avoid the rush of undergoing the procedures with other passengers.

6. Double-check baggage

Before traveling, it is necessary to double-check the baggage to make sure that those listed in the checklist are included. Likewise, different airline companies have different rules on weights and sizes of baggage that they allow inside the plane. A traveler should see to it that he adheres to those rules to avoid any problem at the airport.

5. Send a copy of itinerary to a trusted person

It is best that a traveler must give a copy of his itinerary to a trusted person. This will allow the person to know the traveler’s whereabouts and other pertinent information like departure and arrival dates.

4. Make an online check-in

Most airline companies allow online check-ins in advance. This will save a traveler the trouble of rushing to the airport on the day of his scheduled flight.

3. Emergency contacts

Aside from using the mobile phone as storage of emergency contact numbers, it is advisable to have a printed copy of the list or one that is stored in his e-mail address. In this way, the list is safe even with the accidental loss of the mobile phone.

2. Bring copies of important documents

A traveler must have hard copies of important documents like the passport, identification cards, and medical records for ready reference. Having copies of these may save time if airport authorities will demand their presentation. Likewise, those documents may be needed upon reaching the destination.

1. Prepare a checklist

This is the most important tip among the top 12 airport travel tips. It is important to prepare a checklist for all the things that a traveler needs to bring. The list may include personal items, identification cards, passport, important documents, and gadgets. Items that may be in the checklist depend upon the number of days the traveler plans to stay in his destination.

Traveling is fun and exciting. This is true, especially if a traveler will visit a place for the first time. However, it will be more fun, exciting, and safe if he will observe the top 12 airport travel tips.