Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

Top 12 Travel Hacks

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, though it is undeniably enriching and enjoyable, it can also be exhausting and stressful, especially when you’re in a place you’re not familiar.

Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to avoid the hassle. Here’s a list of top travel hacks that can make your journey more fun and relaxing!

12. Buy your plane tickets ahead of time for more affordable rates.

Most airline companies announce seat sales days before, usually during off season. Stay updated about these dates and be ready with your laptop and credit/debit card. A lot of people are also waiting to get the lowest rates online so you better be quick.

You should also enable private browsing and clear your cache before booking a flight to prevent the airline company to see your booking history and charge you with a higher rate.

11. Pack smart: Roll your clothes.

This is a common trick, yes. But couple it with a twist. Use packaging or duct tape to keep the clothes packed tightly. Sort your clothes per outfit. One outfit equals one roll. This will keep your suitcase less bulky and less messy when it’s time to pull them out.

10. Water is the fuel of travel.

For most of travelling, water is an essential commodity. Never run out of it. It’s better to carry the load of heavy water container than suffer being thirsty and not enjoy the trip at all or worse, faint. Refill your empty water bottle with free water from airports instead of buying.

9. Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock.

One good way to enjoy an adventure is to not feel guilty that you did not wear sunscreen. The sun is just too hot these days, even when the air is cool, the UV rays are still there. Go on an adventure but don’t forget to take care of your skin.

8. Keep your power bank fully charged.

If possible, bring several power banks just to be sure. Plug it in every chance you get. Oh, and don’t forget the connector!

7. Drop a Google Map pin to remember where you parked.

This is easy and practical. You wouldn’t want to waste time searching for your car in a wide parking lot just like that of amusement parks.

6. Put your phone in sealed plastic bags when going to the beach.

Don’t forget to protect your devices. Loss or damages to your possessions can be a real bummer. Take extra precaution, especially when heading to the water. Double or triple seal by using several plastic bags just to be sure.

5. Make sure your ATM card is ready for foreign purchase and withdrawal.

Call you bank at least a week before travelling and make necessary arrangements to ready your card. Money is the last thing you want to run out of.

4. Keeping your possessions safe on the beach by burying with a hat.

When on the beach and going for a swim, put your valuables in a sealed plastic bag and bury it in the sand. Put a hat over the spot so nobody will step on it.

3. Befriend the locals.

A lot of travelers say that the most amazing tourist attractions are the local residents. Most of the time, that’s true. Whether you like it or not, the best shot you’ve got into getting the best deals and going to the best places is in having inside information through a local who knows the place well.

They know how to bargain, how to commute with less fuss, and if you’re lucky, you will encounter genuine-hearted people with whom you will treasure friendships with. Be nice and keep smiling. You’ll see it in their eyes if they just want to take advantage of you or sell you something.

2. Never be out of internet connection.

If there’s one thing you should not be stingy about, it’s internet connection. Before going to a place, make sure you know how to get connected once you reach the destination.

1. Always have the persistence to enjoy.

Chance are, not all travel experiences will be great, smooth and just like how you planned or imagined. For some reasons, your research won’t be enough, the hotel would suck, the locals will try to take advantage of you, your ATM or credit card won’t be accepted, you will get lost, the food will upset your stomach, and the weather will not cooperate.

That’s not just travel, that’s life. If all else fails, this is the ultimate travel hack you will ever need. If you have a persistently positive attitude to have fun, you will always do.